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We make sure that your goals are met and the results exceed your expectations. See what can we do for you…

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We build responsive website that will work and look great on any of your devices

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Ready to Start Growing Your Business? Are You Looking For a One Stop Shop For All Your Marketing Needs? Look No Further

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We build custom websites for small businesses.

web-development2Thinking of taking your business online? You not only need an experienced web development professional, but also a true partner. A company website is now a standard component in any business marketing plan. However, it’s not enough to merely have an online presence. To truly take your company to the next level, you need a website created specifically with your customers, your product and your market position in mind.

Online Marketing Solutions has a local Los Angeles web development team to take you through a series of steps proven to result in a website that delivers to your bottom line.

Online Marketing Solutions have worked on over 100 different web development projects since inception. From simple informational WordPress websites to complex custom e-commerce solutions, we offer the same level of service and experience to create a website uniquely suited to each client’s business and budget. We utilize the latest technologies for web development, including ASP.NET, PHP, WordPress, Javascript, and our developers continuously stay up-to-date on the latest programming languages and web technologies to help our clients build websites that are ahead of the competition.

Our thorough knowledge of the latest web trends, combined with extensive development experience, allows Online Marketing Solutions to innovate the optimum web solution for each individual client. We are a turnkey partner, offering services that begin with strategy, include all phases of web design and development, and continue through post-development support (testing, SEO, online marketing). The difference is that we start and end by concentrating on the success of your company goals, thereby not just building a website but real business results.

The Future is Mobile.

Custom mobile friendly website designs made in Los Angeles.

70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour.

We build engaging mobile-friendly websites that look beautiful on any mobile device. Tablets and smartphones are taking over as the primary way consumers access the internet. With mobile set to overtake desktop internet usage in 2014 – a mobile optimized website is critical to your website’s success. If you have a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, you are missing out on billions of mobile users. Our mobile web design service helps small businesses stay ahead of their competition. Keep scrolling to learn more mind-blowing facts on the mobile landscape.

Is your business missing out on mobile marketing opportunities?

Let’s work together!

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Thank you Online Marketing Solutions so much for  all your hard work and effort. I’m getting many compliments on our new website. It looks great and gives our company a very professional online presence. Were are also very pleased with our online marketing as well and getting many leads off our website. Thanks again!

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I have hired others to help improve the website and have tried things on my own that worked for awhile but didn’t last.  Then I  consulted Online Marketing Solution and couldn’t be more please from their services and they even helped me increase my revenue in the last year. I highly recommend them!

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Shai from Online Marketing Solutions did my entire website rawlaarea.com and I was incredibly happy.  He was super professional and efficient.  It was great to have a savior willing to do the hard coding work for what we needed for this site.  I would highly recommend Shai on all projects.

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Such great Service! Love My Site! Online Marketing Solutions did my site and I love it, but more than that,  I am learning search engine optimization;  how to get found by my target client base.  And I can make changes to my web site myself!  The site went up last week and I got my first client! Highly recommend Online Marketing Solutions!

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