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We make sure that your goals are met and the results exceed your expectations. See what can we do for you…

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We build responsive website that will work and look great on any of your devices

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Ready to Start Growing Your Business? Are You Looking For a One Stop Shop For All Your Marketing Needs? Look No Further

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You have a great website; now Let’s put it to work!

se- mensajeria-en-motoUsing SEO & Online Marketing, you drive traffic and engagement needed to succeed. As your post-development support provider, Online Marketing Solutions assists you to fully realize the business goals outlined at the outset of your web development and design project. By continuing with our LA team, the transition is seamless – you will be progressing in a continuous strategy guided by people who are already familiar with and have access to the inner workings of your website.

However, the SEO & Online Marketing services provided by Online Marketing Solutions are not just for previous web development and design clients. Neither is the convenience of a continuous service provider the only competitive advantage offered. Our Search Engine & Online Marketing professionals have proven backgrounds, combining skills in computer programming, tenure at advertising agencies, and success in managing paid online campaigns. Marketing services are managed by our Los Angeles office and supplemented by specialists from parent company eMagid.com so that you benefit from leveraging both local hands-on support and the wider experience of our company.

SEO clients working withOnline Marketing Solutions find their website on the first results page of search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the keywords that matter the most to their businesses. After achieving this competitive placement, their website traffic multiplies and organic search results send the majority of visitors to their sites. SEO is a time intensive activity that is largely based upon building relationships. An SEO professional is able to bring many pre-existing relationships to their clients’ advantage. Additionally, the formula to correctly optimize your website for search engines is always in flux and requires knowledge of the industry to make regular strategy revisions.

Some of the factors that are becoming increasingly important to search engines as to how they determine keyword rankings are content freshness, website relevancy to “hot” search terms in real-time, and the perceived influence of social media users linking to your site. Our online marketing capabilities include blogging and social media campaigns – two tactics that effectively address the changing rules of SEO. Packages offering these services include ghostwriting blog posts optimized for SEO and full campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, including custom page designs and turnkey profile management.

Let’s work together!

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Thank you Online Marketing Solutions so much for  all your hard work and effort. I’m getting many compliments on our new website. It looks great and gives our company a very professional online presence. Were are also very pleased with our online marketing as well and getting many leads off our website. Thanks again!

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I have hired others to help improve the website and have tried things on my own that worked for awhile but didn’t last.  Then I  consulted Online Marketing Solution and couldn’t be more please from their services and they even helped me increase my revenue in the last year. I highly recommend them!

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Shai from Online Marketing Solutions did my entire website rawlaarea.com and I was incredibly happy.  He was super professional and efficient.  It was great to have a savior willing to do the hard coding work for what we needed for this site.  I would highly recommend Shai on all projects.

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Such great Service! Love My Site! Online Marketing Solutions did my site and I love it, but more than that,  I am learning search engine optimization;  how to get found by my target client base.  And I can make changes to my web site myself!  The site went up last week and I got my first client! Highly recommend Online Marketing Solutions!

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