Spring  (endless) S.ummer  (don’t) F.all O.pen S.tudios 

san francisco still surfing the curves and flats of pandemia . . . virtualities and post offices the new realities through to at least Fall Open Studios at this point .  Now extending again still . . . stay tuned for the Holiday Open . . .

Spring Open Studios, one of the two main annual artists’ opening events at the HuntersPoint Shipyards, would in other times be occurring around now, bringing thousands of art enthusiasts, clients, curios, friends and family down to the old Naval shipyard buildings where hundreds of artists open up their studios to the public. As the shelter-in-place shutdown enters its second month this major source of exposure, motivation and subsequent income, is lost to many artists. Please consider purchasing artwork directly from artists or otherwise supporting and donating to artists, local artists funds and organizations.

The fine heARt Greeting Cards, all individually in studio printed, are always an Open Studios favorite and best sellers and always available here.

Composite Art Prints

Multifaceted multimedia composite Art Prints are an alchemical transmutation of many different art pieces and processes put into the contemporary caldron form of the computer and always astonish in their outcomes. From paintings, drawings, journal notes, photographs and many other personal sources, each piece is presented through various size prints and all artist created and printed in-studio on fine art archival papers & inks.

Ofine heArts & Protectors  recent additions 2020

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Plurealities  GGBridge and GoldenPurple Haze Series

2019. Original fineArt composite photo prints on archival gloss-matte-metallic pearl & silver

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Psycheshadow Series

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CF heArtB Series

2016. Original fineArt watercolor composites 

Paper Prints

FineArt Prints of Original Works

REdREalities Series 

A huge undertaking of the past year began as an ordinary print order of a much-loved (and sold) painting, titled REdREalities really as a default title at the time. A mammoth 6’+  piece painted in early Esalen sessions upon the re-initiation into painting, varnished framed and behind glass, the primarily cadmium red & yellow ochre on paper piece proved to be one of the most challenging print works ever to reproduce. From the highly professional photo fine art file to untold hours and inks and papers and sanity, it defied and still does defy any accurate reproduction and remains unresolved. It has produced however quite the quantity of interesting and all completely unique print pieces, all highly rich in inks and papers and of various different tones and compositions.