FineARt CArd

Custom-crafted fineARt CArds created from all original artworks, artefacts & fictions, and an array of inspired in-the-moment source medias, prodded, produced and printed personally with pigmented ink printer on archival fine art papers (preference/ obsession for Moab’s portfolio of premium papers whenever suitable and available).  Custom-card sizes and content created upon request from any available artwork or specially designed instructions.
Special Occasions Seasonal Greetings Cosmic Events . . .

Standard Card Size is  7 x 10″  and folds t0 5 x 7″Blank inside, w/ envelope (assorted colors, recycled content as possible)
Contact for current pricing and bulk order bundles

Of Moons full new eclipse astray and Orbeings 

Ongoing SEries and SEts  . . . in progress and continually updated 

Sagitarrius SolarEclipse Series December 2020

Total Solar Eclipse New Moon Sagitarrius (in lockdown) as experienced in absentia at bays of half moon not peaks of patagonias . . . watercolor sketch meditations composited into renditions of one of the BIG cosmic events of the year/decade/century and fabled Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Large & small format prints also available.

fine heARt CArds

Selections from the heARtworks Series  . . . for any day any occasion all levels of sentiment

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Shipyards Open Studios Collection 

Spring Open Studios at the HuntersPoint Shipyards cancelled along with the rest of SF City life and incomes. FALL OPEN STUDIOS suffered the same fate. Cards will continue to create.

GoldenPurple Haze and GoldenGate Plurealities Portals series 2019

CF heARtB series

General Collection FineARtCArds