Greeting Cards

Fine Art Cards

Custom-Crafted Cards created from original artwork and individually printed in-house on fineArt papers, archival inks. Mini art pieces in and of themselves. 

Customized upon request. That’s how this whole thing started . . .

7×10 with envelopes

2020 FreeStyle Fresh & Funky


5 x 7″ with envelopes. Blank inside.

SPRING 2020 S.O.S Collection

Spring Open Studios at the HuntersPoint Shipyards cancelled along with the rest of SF City life and incomes.

Slowly rolling  out the Spring 202o S.O.S collection, including Postcards! possibly made from original art and prints. Also in support of shutdowns and post offices and up cycling old pieces, the PostCArd Project aims to send a postcard  a day of some or any sort to anyone on the mail list. If interested, leave contact info under the contacts. Specify “postcard project”

5 x 7″ with envelopes. Blank inside.

Love It or Hate It VD Collection Selections 2o2o

A selection of the collection for the suggestion of Valentine’s Day or any other heARt inspired occasion.

5 x 7″ with envelopes. Blank inside.

GoldenPurple Haze & GoldenGate Plurealities 2019

ComplexFHealingHB 2016.

General Collection

Seasonal Greetings

Happy Holidays StarBurst Series

5 x 7″ with envelopes. Blank inside.