fineArt printWorks

archival fineArt printWorks of original and composite artworks. original unique custom

NB: thumbnails may be cropped and not show full size.

SagieSolarEclipse Series

 SagiSolarEclipse December 2020 . 

Original fine art composite printworks

Plurealities Series

 PurpleGoldenHaze 2019 . The original 4 composite works.

GoldenGatePlurealities 2019. The ever-evolving series from the original 4. 

ComplexFractureHB Healing heArts  series

Composite watercolors 2016 based on series of watercolors 2013


Ongoing composite painting & photography series

of Moons Orbs Beings

composite artworks photography & all things in-between . . . 

(note: some images may be cropped and not shown in full scope)