Julia Augusta Morris

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A sampling selection of Art & Works available in print and canvas formats of various sizes, customized and standard. Some original Art & Works available for sale upon request, piece dependent. Some Art & Works exist only as O.riginal F.ine A.rt P.rints from O.riginal D.igital A.rt F.iles and are as such available only  as original fine art prints  (not “gliclées”) often processed, painted and printed. Some may be parts of larger pieces of paintings now available in print format only. All processing printing and pruning done in-house on archival fine art paper with archival fine art inks in archival fine art printers. Unless otherwise specified or requested. All requests and communications considered. 

Generally SF Bay Area based, subject to change without warning.

T.emporary A.utonomous Z.one at the HuntersPoint Shipyards: http://shipyardartists.com/work/julia-morris/

Inner/Outer Landscapes

Multi-faceted-focussed interests including print graphic design and self publishing, some form of art making, much movement, and an appetite for inner and outer exploration and adventure. Life and its endless expressions and needs thereof. Painting processing photographing as requisite visual and emotional communication for and psychological philosophical explorations of worlds realms experiences and feelings and resolutions words alone could neither express nor access.

The resulting creative work reflects a lifetime of inner and outer explorations, constantly shifting landscapes and territories.

May it be of benefit to all beings.